"More than a beat, I want to create and share emotions"

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Composition by Seysey and his team
Original composition
Wav + track by track
Composition retired from sale
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Seysey composition
The very best compositions by Seysey
Wav + track by track
Composition retired from sale
Unlimited commercialization
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Studio and sound engineer included
Mix + Master included
Up to 4 hours of studio with Seysey
Unlimited commercialization
Right sheets handled
Find your style with Seysey
Artistic research with Seysey (brainstorming, listenning...)
Unlimited number of tracks
Mix + Master included (up to 3 tracks)
Up to 3 studio sessions
Studio + sound engineer included
Right sheets handled

About Me

I came to music very early. I took piano and music theory lessons from 6 years old for more than 10 years. I also learned some guitar, violin and drums to fully understand what a complete song is composed about. My skills earned me some attention from professionnals and it is very naturally that I started to learn about composing tracks. I started to work in a pro studio and I refined my skills pretty quickly. The alchemy with artists is something that completely changed my way of working. The complicity born in a closed environment is something unique and almost magical. Today I am still fascinated by my job and I want to go further by sharing directly my music with the public as a DJ!

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"I always try to bring something fresh in my way of doing music"

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