Music has always been part of my life. I was introduced to piano at the age of 6 when the pastor of the church taught me how to place my hands on this fabulous instrument. I quickly learned the basics and the pastor told me to look for someone else to teach me more. I went to conversatory at 7 to perfect my knowledges and skills. I stayed there for 8 years and it was a very enriching experience. But I began to get annoyed by the rigidity of the school and I wanted to try something new. I left the conservatory and I started learning how to compose on a computer. The endless possibilities in music on computer fascinated me and I stayed in my room learning how the softwares worked for almost one year. I put some beats on internet after this year to test if my compositions were relevant and good enough to attract professionals. I wasn’t ready for the outcome… I get more than 20 phone calls the first week I put my beats online! I met several music professionals (label manager, productors, artists…), all these meetings were very enriching and everybody told me I had something. For me I wasn’t at the top of my potential so I declined the offers made at this time to focus on my music. This is the moment where I found my stlye. The magic guitar and the mystic flute! After that things went pretty fast. One of my childhood friend who were with me from the begining introduced me to some of his friends who weren’t really music professionals but he trusted them. We all agree to made our own label and start something new and fresh. I’m glad I started this journey with them, we’re doing business in family and it goes pretty well now. With them I made the number one album in France in 2018: Gentleman 2.0 from Dadju. Things continued to accelerate and I worked with all the top French urban artists.

I wanted to enlarge my sonorities and we decided with Black Palladium Music, my young and fresh label, to get into Latin Music! I’m a fan of salsa, merengue, tango and other traditionnal Latin musics and I also got a huge interest in reggeaton which was coming back in the foreground. I made numerous compositions an send them to artists from Latin America. I made a video of a remix of Pineapple by Karol G. She saw it, loved it and reposted it on her page. This is how I get officialy introduced to the music industry in America Latina! I worked with many talented and kindhearted people there and Karol G kindly welcomed me in Colombia for one of her dates in 2018. I also met Bullnene, one of the best songwritter and topliner I ever met, and with him I get introduced to the whole industry in Colombia. One of the songs I made with him get platine in USA: Pa Olvidarte from ChobQuibTown feat Zion & Lennox, Farruko and Manuel Turizo.

I am very proud of the journey I accomplished untill now. But I am even more thrilled for the things to come! Who knows, maybe tomorrow you’ll see my touring around the world as something more flashy than a compositor…